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How to add fun to your practices, teach fundamentals and life lessons, and motivate your team to play winning basketball.

While coaching layups and life lessons to his basketball teams, O’Halloran fine-tuned his approach to emphasize learning, having fun, and creating memorable experiences for players. The 101 coaching tips featured in this book read like a how-to guide to ensuring a great season.

You’ll find out about:

– The “Secret Sauce” to winning at youth sports – 7 things every coach should know.
– What good basketball coaches accomplish before the first practice to get the season started right.
– Ideas and suggestions for how to conduct practices – the most important time for your team.
– How to be a great teacher.
– Some ideas for games at practices to keep it fun.
– Practice theme suggestions to keep players engaged.
– How to coach on game days.
– Life lessons to teach your players.

Volunteering to coach a youth basketball teach can be a difficult challenge. Coaches, at all experience levels, need to be prepared with a coaching philosophy and an overall plan to manage the season. With the knowledge gained from this book, you’ll be ready and confident at each practice making your coaching effort a pleasure. Best yet, your players will reap the rewards and play their best basketball.

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