MAVA Compression Knee Sleeves Support – NO ROLL Down- (Piece) with Adjustable Strap for Arthritis, Stabilization of The Knee, Provides Relief of Weak, Swollen, and Injured Knees

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EASY TO PUT ON – The material is nice and comfortable. It can be worn under clothes without affecting circulation. Shaped to prevent injuries, improve circulation and speed up your recovery. Great for healing and rehab. Not binding or bunching up behind the knee. Perfect knee brace for walking, running, treadmill, long distance walks, standing all day, jogging, dancing. Also great for sports activities, cross training, weight lifting, gym, cycling, hiking, basketball, workouts & climbing.
LIST OF MEDS AND TREATMENTS – Effective, Comfortable, Life-Changing with clear proven benefits for Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Swelling, Chronic Pain. Increase range of motion thanks to the unique design and compression. Our knee brace for both men and women can be used for everyday wear. You will also have a faster recovery & a reduced risk of future knee pain and knee injuries. Get good knee support for ACL, MCL, Bursitis,Tendonitis or Meniscus Tear.
STRAP THEM ON – Get the right amount of support! – Made to easily fit every knee, of any shape or size. Adjust the strap to your liking, against rolling down or sleeve movement. They fit perfectly without rolling down, no matter the intensity of your activity. Don’t worry about discomfort, fitting problems or adjusting your sleeve every 30 minutes. Strap them on and forget about it all while enjoying your life again.
100% MONEY BACK & HAPPINESS GUARANTEE – With our stellar Customer Support we aim to have you as happy as possible. We also offer a 3 months GUARANTEE! No questions asked! For any issues or if you didn’t order the right size you can contact us by replying to our emails and we will help you asap. PLEASE MEASURE your thigh circumference 5.9″/15cm above the center of your knee cap. S:13.40″ – 15.50″ M:15.50″ – 16.75″ L:16.75″ – 17.70″ XL:17.70″ – 20.50″ XXL:20.50″ – 22.40″ XXXL:22.40″ – 24.40″

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