AIvada Knee Brace Compression Sleeve Support Wraps Anti-Slip Firm Grip – Prevent Injuries, Get Pain Relief, Improved Mobility – Ideal as Crossfit, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Running L

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Knee pain is no joke. The ability to walk around and complete your daily tasks pain-free and with proper knee support is imperative to your quality of life. No matter if you suffer from arthritis, tendonitis or a sports injury or are recovering from surgery on or around your knees, you can definitely benefit from a knee compression sleeve. Wearing a knee brace alleviates many of the symptoms of an injury while also helping to improve your general muscular health. The Single Wrap Knee Brace is there to provide you with a knee sleeve that is comfortable and reliable, durable enough to be worn daily if need be.

The Single Wrap Knee Sleeve reduces inflammation and tightness in the knee, which is a common source of knee pain. It also works to trap in your naturally generated body heat to provide pain relief through heat. Our knee pads put pressure on the knee in the places where it needs the most support to ensure that you can experience relief from the pain of meniscus tearing, jumpers knee and so much more. If you are not quite as active but are currently recovering from surgery, you too, can benefit from the healing properties found in this knee sleeve.

When running, jogging or otherwise putting pressure on the knees, the pain it produces can increase over time without the proper knee brace. A knee sleeve like the Walter Antoinette Single Wrap Knee Brace compresses just the right amount to provide knee support without causing you pain from being too tight while you are active. Made from durable silicone, this knee compression sleeve will not slip off, no matter how much you move.

Experience knee support, pain relief and a swifter recovery time today when you place the Single Wrap Knee Sleeve into your cart now. INCREDIBLE KNEE SUPPORT – Support your knees for improved athletic or workout performance, protect them against injuries, prevent further aggravation of existing knee problems and GET PAIN RELEIF to help you quickly get back into action. Our knee sleeve improves sense of stability & proprioception, and provides necessary support during knee-centric activities, making it ideal as Running, Jumping, Jogging & Powerlifting Knee Sleeve, or Weightlifting Knee Sleeve.
OPTIMUM COMPRESSION – Designed to apply desirable compression, our 4-way knee compression sleeve IMPROVES BLOOD CIRCULATION & helps retain the warmth for faster recovery, rehabilitation & reduced swelling, and helps get pain relief from problems like plantar fasciitis, arthritis, sprains, swelling, tendonitis, muscle fatigue, and other Knee issues. Optimum compression ensures that it proves effective without causing any discomfort & without resulting in blood clots or welts.
IMPROVED MOBILITY – Our compression knee sleeves don’t limit your mobility in the name of support as is the case with a hard knee brace compression sleeve. Also, they don’t just offer full 360 degree flexibility but also help improve your range of motion & let the joint naturally strengthen over time – ideal for wearing during workouts or post workouts. These knee compression sleeves are also ideal for casual support in case you have a knee pain or some injury.
SOFT & COMFORTABLE – With a soft High-Performance fabric, our knee support knee wraps embrace the natural contours of your knee, the high-breathability design ensures high moisture-wicking & better odor-control to keep your knees dry & comfortable even when worn for long hours, while also helping maintain the optimum joint temperature. DOUBLE SILICONE ANTI-SLIP WAVE secures it firmly in position and prevents the knee compression sleeve from slipping off frequently.
GUARANTEE – With our 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE on this open patella knee sleeve you have got nothing to lose – equally suitable as crossfit knee sleeves men or knee compression sleeve women. Moreover, you will be super impressed with its ergonomic design that firmly stays in position, perfect compression that helps take your performance a notch up, and unparalleled knee support without compromising your mobility – also ideal for meniscus, tear, ACL or MCL.

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