Pro Tennis Lessons “Ultimate Volleys and Net Game”

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The weakest part of many players game is their volleys or net game. This weakness comes from fear of coming to the net and taking the ball while it is still in the air. Unless you can correct this weakness and develop a strong volley game you will never be a complete player that has all the weapons to be a consistent winner in match competition. With the help of this outstanding instructional DVD Tennis Pro James Jensen will give you the confidence and correct techniques for quickly developing an unbeatable net game. Techniques covered include proper grip, footwork and racquet position, understanding volley form, how to volley low balls at your feet, medium height and high volleys, ways to angle your volley shots for winners, volleying mid court and at the net, ways to set up your volleys, how to come off your serve to a strong volley position, volley drills designed to build confidence and accuracy, how to hit overhead winners, plus much, much more. Bring! your volley skills to a higher level and begin winning more matches by ordering James Jensen’s “Ultimate Volleys and Net Game” Today!

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