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The Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (UNY) Robotics Team participated for the first time in the Roboworld Cup and Summit of the Federation of International Robot-Sports Association (FIRA) 2019 in the city of Changwon, South Korea.

UNY sent two teams to join the Robosot and Hurocup categories, named Mobo-evo and Aros. In the Robosot category, the Mobo-evo team won 1st place in the Robosot Soccer Competition with a score of 6 for Mobo-evo and a score of 4 for TKU from Taiwan. Mono-evo also won 1st place for Localization Challenge and 3rd place for Passing Challenge. In the Hurocup category UNY won 2nd place in Triple Jump reaching a distance of 73 cm and 2nd place on Sprint Hurocup.

“I did not expect that UNY’s first participation would lead to it winning,” said Jacky Baltes as President of FIRA.

FIRA is a robot sports competition with several categories namely FIRA Robosot, FIRA Hurocup, FIRA Androsot, FIRA Air, and FIRA Challenge, which are well known internationally.  The event was attended by several major countries including China, Canada, South Korea, and Russia.

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